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BLE cannot get service

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Android, Delphi 10.3.3. community version.


TBluetoothLE  scan BLE device ok, and then:

  AService: TBluetoothGattService;


AService := BluetoothLE1.GetService(Self.FMyDevice, Service_ID);
if not Assigned(AService) then raise exception.Create('No service found.');


Here, mybe I can got the service, mybe not, on the same device. Maybe I restart APP and can got service.

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Thank you Lars.


My Program is:


1. Scan device. then list devices.

2. Let user select a device, and user click a "Select" button.

3. in the button onclick event handler, find the device, and set user selected device to FMyDevice, and then call BluetoothLE1.DiscoverServices(Self.FMyDevice);

4. Do someting that need service, call GetService(FMyDevice), and then maybe ok, maybe got nil.

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You may need to give Android a little time after setting one command, before it will be able to give back a result.

Also you should always ensure to touch such commands and results into the UI thread, as these responses came from extenral devices,

and may drop in at any (asynchronous) time.

The whole Bluetooth system is quite tricky, and has various smaller or larger pitfalls on different platforms.

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