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[Fmx, Android] Normal & Dangerous permissions handling

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Hello everybody,


I'm just testing some effects of the required Android permission system, and would like to check with you what would be the best practices.
I have used and checked the wonderful  KastriFree project from Dave, it all worked well to get things solved.

There are the two (actually 3) levels "Normal permissions" and "Dangerous permissions":

with "Dangerous permissions" its clear: you need to ask the user for interaction via PermissionRequester


But how to handle "Normal permissions", lets take WakeLock as an example ?

I can check WakeLock in the "uses permissions" list in the IDE, and don't need a PermissionRequester at all.

Would it be better to use the same permission requester process also for WakeLock, although its not needed ?

What I found so far is, that it will work with the requester, but simply always grant the permission.

I personally would tend to use same procedures now, no matter if "Normal" or "Dangerous", just to be consistent,
as well as to be ready for future permission changes.

Or is there any reason why I should NOT use "Normal" permissions in same way ?






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As you've discovered, "normal" permissions do not need to be requested at runtime, so there's no point in doing so.

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Yes, but maybe its good practice to do it always with the same procedure

- to have same procedure, no matter if dangerous or not, will avoid hard to find setting errors

- to ensure that, if Google considered this or that topic as dangerous in the future, my app is already well prepped


Maybe for other good reasons too.

Is there anything that speaks against such "overuseage" ?



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