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Darian Miller

Toggle paths in Project Explorer?

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Some system pause while clicking ended up with me somehow disabling the paths in project explorer under Delphi 10.3.3... do you know the magic to restore default behavior where you can collapse the file list by path?


I think this happened before, but can't seem to find the solution and was hoping for a better memory than mine to help me out!


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The right most button in the toolbar




has a drop down menu where you can configure the sort order.

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Thanks.  I didn't have that button visible:





The screen is huge so it seems to be spreading all the buttons out.  I simply didn't drag the project explorer window wide enough to see the Options button.


Right clicking the project explorer column title area presents a popup menu with a "Text Labels" options  which toggles the text labels and makes that Options button visible again.  


Now I can Views->Directory (Nested) to get back to normal.    However, the setting doesn't save - after a restart the setting goes back to Views->List so I had to Save Desktop over the default layout to get it back to normal.


So it seems a couple things happened all at once:

- The Project->Views-> Directory group option was changed

- The default desktop settings were saved (as this change was persistent when it normally isn't)

- The Project Manager column titles were toggled to text

- I got confused!  : )



This setting is not in the Default Layout.dst file, but in the registry: 


List view:





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