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Hide Show non-visual issue

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D10.3.3, GExperts revision 3040.

Not sure what has happened here.  I think I saved the project with the non-visual hidden.

When I re-opened the project later the non-visual weren't showing.  I toggled the function and the component showed but not their names.

No amount of toggling restores the component names.

Is this a GExperts thing?  If so, where/how can I rectify this?

Regards & TIA,


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Hold the Cavalry.

I had totally forgotten about the Delphi Hide Non-Visual Components.   Doh!

I don't recall using that but I may have.  😞

All good now.

Thanks for looking.


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So, here's what happens.

Hide the components using the Delphi Hide Non-Visual Components.

Restore the components using the GExperts Hide/Show Non-visual.

No component names.

Use the Delphi function and the names appear.

Don't know if this is by design or a bug.  Interested to know.


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