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IBToGo Change View without server?

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The Interbase ChangeView feature is really appealing to me but I was wondering whether you can use this without servers.

Mainly, I would be interested to use IBToGo on my mobile device apps and the desktop equivalent, which would also have IBToGo.

All databases embedded only on each device (mobile or desktop).

Is it still possible to use Change Views between two IBToGo databases with zero IB Server? Just talking from iOS to a Mac or Android to Windows, Android to iOS? In one word IBToGo <--> IBToGo.

Or do ChangeViews work only via a server tier? What they call the "central database" (reference)...

Thanks for any clarification.


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Ok for those of you wondering the same thing I got an email from Embarcadero.

You need a IB Server to have change view. It's on the server that lies the mechanism and where the data is processed.
You can't use change views between, say, two IBToGo, like one on a smartphone and one embedded on a desktop.

They both would ask to connect to the Server to process the changes. Too bad.


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