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Uses Clause Manager: EXISTING Identifier not found

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I have a question about the list of Identifiers in the Uses Clause Manager:


A specific identifier named SaveStringToFile is not found in the list of Identifiers although its unit (the unit name is MiTeC_Routines - it's a licensed unit ) is in the Library Path.


Could it be because it's enclosed inside these compiler directives in the interface section of the unit?

procedure SaveBytesToStream(ABytes: TBytes; AStream: TStream);
procedure SaveBytesToFile(ABytes: TBytes; AFilename: string);
procedure SaveStringToFile(AString: string; AFilename: string); overload;
procedure SaveStringToFile(AString: ansistring; AFilename: string); overload;

That's because of other identifiers OUTSIDE these compiler directives from the same unit ARE being found.

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I have tried to clear the parser cache, but the identifier SaveStringToFile could still not be found.

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The parser still has bugs. It could be as simple as that. If you can produce a small excerpt of the unit that produces this behavior I will have a look.

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