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Ralf Junker

OverbyteIcsLIBEAY.pas f_X509_check_ip_asc() declaration mismatch

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OverbyteIcsLIBEAY.pas line 2336 (SVN 1464) declares f_X509_check_ip_asc() like this:

f_X509_check_ip_asc: function(Cert: PX509; Paddress: PAnsiChar; namelen: size_t;  flags: Cardinal): Integer; cdecl = nil;

This is different from the OpenSSL definition. The Pascal declaration has an extra namelen parameter not present in the C header:

int X509_check_ip_asc(X509 *, const char *address, unsigned int flags);

Reference: https://www.openssl.org/docs/man1.1.1/man3/X509_check_ip_asc.html



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