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Andrea Magni

New feature: TMARSClientResourceJSON now implements REST.Client.IRESTResponseJSON

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It is just a small addition to MARS Client library capabilities but TMARSClientResourceJSON now implements REST.Client.IRESTResponseJSON interface (from Delphi's REST Client library).

This basically means you can use a TMARSClientResourceJSON and materialize a dataset through the TRESTResponseDataSetAdapter component (from Delphi's REST Client library).


Enjoy 😉

Schermata 2018-11-19 alle 17.14.25.png

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HI Andrea, I've just updated my copy of the repo (git pull) and whilst trying to build MARSClient.Core240 (from MARSClient.Enterprise) I get "[dcc32 Fatal Error] MARSClient.Core.dpk(62): F2613 Unit '..\..\Source\MARS.Client.Messaging.Resource.pas' not found."  Did I do something wrong in updating the repo?  Thanks

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The joys of packages as a library author. Looks like commit ace9e54 only modified the 10.2 package.


That commit removed the following files:




Just remove them from the contains in the MARSClient.Core.dpk and you should be able to compile.

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BTW, I've just updated 10.1 Berlin packages (I am not sure I have VMs for earlier versions).


If you are using Berlin, let me know if your problems are now solved.



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Hi all, 


(Apologies for late reply)


Pulled latest source & all packages build now, problem solved thanks.   Yes, I am using 10,1 Berlin - sorry should've mentioned that.


Kindest regards

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