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David Schwartz

multi-media question

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I have an oddball multi-media question. Here's a list of ingredients I'm starting with:


* 50 Powerpoint slides (one per file) that contain some text with animated fly-in

* 50 background images for use with the PPT slides (the images are already paired with slides to maximize the visual effect of the fly-ins)

* 50 or so 30-sec MP3 audio files

* 200+ inspirational messages


The idea is you take a PPT slide; change the background image if desired; then change the text to one of the inspirational messages.

Then you drop in an audio file that can be triggered to start playing when the slideshow begins.


For each of these composed slides, you use something like Camtasia to record the slide playing in PowerPoint with the music for 30 seconds or so, and save it as an MP4 video file.


I'm curious what would be involved if I wanted to make a program that creates these videos from different combinatins of the ingredients so I don't have to do them manually or hire someone to do it for me.


Obviously, there are thousands of different combinations, although they're mostly limited by the quotes. But there are hundreds upon hundreds of different quotes that could be used.


I don't suspect Delphi is the first language or platform someone would try making such a program in, but maybe there are some libs or components that would make it pretty easy.


Anybody have any experience with things along this line who could lend some insight?


(I'd guess Shockwave would have been a good choice 10-20 years ago, but not today. I'm not sure what other tools might be available, but maybe some stuff with API access?)


Would it be easier to do using, say, HTML?


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Posted (edited)

If i understand right 


you have list of images,list of text ( quotes ) , list of ppt slides and list of audio files and you want to record every possible combination and save it in MP4 video file format ?


i think that this could be best to do with javascript + if i remember there were some power point frameworks for Javascript but i never used them ..


If i had same task ask you i would probably  go with html, css + js because there are probably biggest amount of info online for this task


After that you could incorporate your html,css, js files inside delphi app.. -> https://medium.com/@Zawuza/build-your-first-hybrid-desktop-application-with-delphi-scriptgate-bootstrap-and-js-df530a73160


I am planing to use similar approach to solve my user interface graph -> 


because i dont know how to make same design using delphi components i will write my own html,css,js graph  

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Well, generally speaking, yes. I'm simply trying to automate an otherwise highly mechanical process. It does not, however, come close to creating "every possible combination".


Your graph thing simply requires custom drawing to the canvas. I would not bother with html, css, or js. WAY too much work.


I think Lars suggested Tee-Chart because it offers a lot of options when it comes to customizing the display. I've seen some amazing things done with Tee-Chart that I never would have guessed are possible.


In my case, I've got several different kinds of media that need to be merged and mixed in a synchronized way over some amount of time. It's a very different problem.



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I suppose I would write a power point automation. You can control Word and Excel with delphi I suppose you could control power point as well.
From there it is simple and fast.
Insert your text/music/images  into your ppt a template
then let power point export it as a video file.


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