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Error when building GExpertsPeInformation.dpr

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In Delphi 10.4, when trying to build \gexperts-code-r3177-trunk\Projects\StandAlone\PeInformation\GExpertsPeInformation.dpr I get this error:


Datei C:\COMP\_Addons\GExperts\GExperts_Sourcecode\gexperts-code-r3177-trunk\Projects\StandAlone\PeInformation\EXEC kann nicht geöffnet werden. Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.


(Translation: \EXEC cannot be opened. The file cannot be found.)


Also, \gexperts-code-r3177-trunk\Projects\StandAlone\PeInformation\__Build_Project.cmd does not work, with this error:


*** Error: Directory "=" does not exist. Variable DelphiPath in C:\COMP\_Addons\GExperts\GExperts_Sourcecode\gexperts-code-r3177-trunk\BuildTools\doGetDelphiPath.cmd ***

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