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Help to port this component to delphi rio

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The following component is quite old and its seems that the author stopped from upgrading it and released it to source forge as open source 


It is compile and installed on delphi rio but with many warnings any idea on how to make this component friendly with delphi rio and above? 


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I want to suggest to try different components, it is also open source, after looking at the documentation, i can say the VC components from LakeOfSoft http://www.lakeofsoft.com/vc/ are more powerful, not sure if there will be warnings or not, but you should have a look.

The features listed in that link, but it missing key things to mention like, fully multithreaded, this can save you great deal of time.


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i have tested the component you provide 


but there is some downfalls 


1 Stereomix device produce a huge noise 

2 when change audio level during play the whole app freezes


unless i am doing something wrong 


here is a demo you can test


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@Skullcode Why not get started with tweaking the demos/samples first? that in case you want to understand it better.


Three things i see looking at your demo

1) to start and stop them use this

procedure Tform1.StartStopPlay(Start: Boolean);
  if not Start then
  ///    or
  awave.active := Start;    //  Here the order of active is important
  outwave.active := Start;  //  if you close set the output.active = false then exception might raise
  // means the following is wrong
  {outwave.active := Start;
  awave.active := Start;}

2) You are trying to access VCL from background thread in 

procedure TForm1.outwaveFeedDone(sender: unavclInOutPipe; data: Pointer; len: Cardinal);

Commenting that line will fix the freezing and the unpredicted behaviour.


3) you are using the 8000 for samplesPerSec with higher you should get better quality, here again try i suggest the samples, after that you can decide if it will work for you or not.


It is bad that the forum of those gems are gone, and i am not going to support them, so good luck.

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