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David Schwartz

how to get a pseudo-design mode at run-time

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I'm working with TMS Web Core, which pretty much mirrors the VCL. 


I want to be able to switch between a "configuration" mode and a "run" mode.


So say you click an Admin button somewhere and it flips a switch so that whenever you click on something it sends the object's instance pointer to a single handler rather than activating the normal mouse events. Then depending on the object selected, a property form will popup that lets you change certain properties. Some of the properties represent meta-data, and some are actual content. For example, if you click on a box that represents a video, then it will ask for a link to a video and a thumbnail. If you click on a text box, then it will ask you for the text you want to display.


I don't need a full designer, as I don't want to move anything around. I just want to suppress the normal mouse events and route everything through a single handler.


If this was just a normal Delphi VCL app, what's the best way to handle this at run-time? (No IDE is running, just the EXE.)

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3 hours ago, Dany Marmur said:

@uligerhardt, that looks like an attachment from this forum. Could you supply a link to the original discussion as well? TIA!

No, that's "original content" that I just created just for this thread. 😄

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