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Strange text effect

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In Delphi 10.4 GExperts, Uses Clause Manager shows strange text effect upon selection of a text item where every selected text seems to have a shadow:




Never seen anything like this. Has anyone else?


It appears to happen only in Uses Clause Manager.


I believe source code version is r3177.

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1 minute ago, dummzeuch said:

fixed in revsion #3182 on 2020-06-06

Just for curiosity: What was the cause?

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A bug in the TStringGrid implementation in Delphi 10.4.



[Regression] TStringGrid.OnDrawCell parameter Rect contains wrong values

  • new VCL application
  • put a TStringGrid on the form
  • put the code inside the event handler for OnDrawCell
    -> expected: cell background is painted red
    -> actual: only half of the cell is filled and there are white spaces around


  • Sad 1

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BTW: IMO, a better and clearer naming consistency after :





would be:






When dealing with humans, REDUNDANCY is a must.

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