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Setting Up in ISAPI

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I've just started looking at MARS and jumped straight in with the Bootstrap ISAPI, but can't get it to work.


If I call www.myserver.com/app/bin/BootstrapServerISAPI.dll/helloworld I get the message  that it doesn't match engine URL the /rest


If I call www.myserver.com/app/bin/BootstrapServerISAPI.dll/rest I get the message  unknown application rest


and if I call www.myserver.com/app/bin/BootstrapServerISAPI.dll/rest/helloworld I get unknown application 'rest/helloworld'


I've tried setting BasePath to '' and '/' - same result.


Probably missing something obvious here, but any pointers greatly appreciated.



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ok, I've sorted this. I should have started with the basic application first. I needed to add /default before the /helloworld


said I'd missed something obvious!

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