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Alfredo I.

MARS and JWT cookie authentication

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I'm (very) new on MARS...

I tried to use cookie authentication. No problems with Postman but with a browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) the JWT cookie doesn't work (I checked with debug console but no cookies are saved).
The authentication is correct, I receive the full http-ony cookie but the browser simply ignore it...
(I also tried with cookie domain 'localhost' but nothing...)


Any suggestions?


Thank you in advance, Alfredo.

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Hi @Alfredo I.,

thanks for using MARS!


Please have a look at the Authorization demo. Just compile and run the server and open a browser at http://localhost:8080/rest/default/token/html


You should see a simple HTML page allowing you to login/logout. The mechanism is cookie-based and it really seems your same situation.


Please let me know if you find out what's not working in your case.




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