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Connect MSSQL Server

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I'm running 2 MSSQL Servers  on my  Computer


MSSQL Server #1  :    installed on WIN 10 Host OS on my Computer

MSSQL Server #2 :     installed on VM Ware LINUX ( UBUNTU 18.04) Client,  I also installed AZURE  data studio inside the VM Ware OS


Q1 :   How to connect from AZURE data studio  to SQL Server #2,  I failed with different settings so far :-(, what will be the correct server name ??


Q2 :  How to connect  to MSSQL Server #1  on HOST OS ??   Computername\sqlexpress does not work from AZURE data studio, but this works fine connecting directly  from HOST OS to  this MSSQL server

I#m using VM network settings = Bridged asure_datastudio.thumb.PNG.9c69be1bbb8eef0c4bb0ee9e6fe71a9c.PNG




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