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Full Help for ICS TFTPClient

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Does anyone have a link to the full help for the ICS FTPClient component?


Thank you your help.



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There is no such thing as "full help". The documentation is in the source code (Component and samples) and on http://wiki.overbyte.be

The wiki can be updated by anyone willing to share his knowledge. Just ask write permission.


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Hello Francois,


Thank you for your response.


The documentation you suggested does not give all the possibilities for the OnRequestDone event.


We are building an FTPClient application similar to the IpSwitch application. There is an OnSessionConnected event that we use to activate objects on the form once connected. But there is no OnSessionDisconnected. 


Does The OnRequestDone handle the disconnect? If so what is the call for the Rqtype.


Thanks for all your help.



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FTP use two connections. One for commands and one for data.

FTP OnRequestDone event is triggered for every command once executed.

Did you had a look at the source code ? OnRequestDone event has an argument RqTyp of type TFtpRequest which is an enumeration of all 78 FTP commands.

When in the IDE, use CTRL+Click to immediately jump to any identifier definition.



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