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Darian Miller

Update: C++Builder and Platforms Support

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11 minutes ago, Darian Miller said:

Discount offered to switch to Delphi.

That should be doable by August 1st.. /s

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2 hours ago, Mahdi Safsafi said:

What do you think guys ? 

Here my opinion

The keyword of that post is the one you quoted, but lets dive a little, starting with the cross platform support will be pushed down on the list for the sake of Windows, OK fine, 

Section explaining why cross platform is not that important now, OK fine.

Customer feedback and reaching the point Windows is most important, though i don't recall receiving anything from anyone, though i am interested who Embarcadero list as customer!, but OK fine,

Here we reach the honeypot !

Windows Quality, explaining how the road map will be focused, reaching the climax with this phrase "Our goal for Windows is the following:" then continue with list that has nothing to do with Windows !!!!!


For quality:

  • To provide fully functional code completion and other Code Insight features
  • To fully resolve all linker issues, possibly through an entirely new linker
  • To resolve STL issues
  • To provide excellent C++ compatibility with common C++ libraries, meaning we have excellent compatibility with other toolchains

For features:

  • To provide further code tooling, such as refactorings, through integrating Visual Assist, meaning C++Builder will have stronger productivity tools than even Visual Studio
  • To provide C++17 or higher language support
  • To provide much more speedy, accelerated compilation speed especially for large projects

Now for sanity sake, what is in that roadmap list has to do with Windows ? 



Stopping here, because i don't like high blood pressure in such beautiful day and i don't want to go on listing the many wrong in that post, i think you all got the point, they are really lost the compass, and they selling you those big words, with nice well worded announcements, but they are holding a stick thinking it is a compass and they spinning in place, and want us all to applaud.


On side note: the key wasn't the above but this "accelerated compilation speed especially for large projects" and they didn't mention deliberately that those projects belongs to few customers, surely not OpenSSL, SQLite, MySQL... no that stuff is not needed when you can build it as static in VS, right ?

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Just now, Mahdi Safsafi said:

@Kas Ob. Well I was referring to the decision. The chance to improve quality is higher when you only focus on one thing.

I didn't miss the point, i will always be with quality over pile of pricey useless or half useful stuff, but they missed the point too !


So what is their decision exactly ? that something i need to know and understand to make opinion or decision too, so if anyone can show me what was the decision that is talking about focusing on Windows while the roadmap doesn't show a hint what Windows will get.


Is the plan to delay the crossplatform needed work, to work on Windows by investing time and resources in code insight and visual assist ? these two is what on the top of the list for quality and feature, their words, their post.


Read the lines and between them.


9 minutes ago, Mahdi Safsafi said:

The chance to improve quality is higher

There is no chance to enhance a jack, while they will start to work on Code Insight and Visual Assist, just like LSP, and next road map it will be LSP 2.1


Just yesterday we were struggling to help in porting few API's "For Windows, Built By Microsoft last Monday (It must be)", Delphi and CBuilder were always for Windows, yet they failed or may be succeeded to make each and every developer run left and right to add newer functionality when sometimes it is just one API addition, this is going on since 20 years, and they are talking about quality and focusing on Windows.


Kill CBuilder, it is out dated failed and still failing to build something modern and useful of any real projects out there, and when it build it, it is slow, so what is the point of having or wasting resources on failure compiler to make it support C++17 in 2020, just pull the plug and let it rest, and focus on Delphi, make Delphi generate static lib's that can be compiled by real 2020 C++ compilers, and let it use their static libs, that a feature will worth 100X of what called CBuilder, just like JBuilder kill it, or PHP builder .


Quality is out of question when the correction is to be done with the same management with same logic, 20 years is enough for a ride, while one years proof of failing for a developer is enough to let go.

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