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[Fmx, TListView] Has someting changed in the representation of multiline text ?

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Hi there,


I used a TListview with Text and Detail already some versions ago, mainly for iOS and Android.

Representation is like

Text / Detail line

side by side, while the detail can be multiline text.

Usually this looked centered, well arranged

I used a CrLf as linebreak by default, and all the time that worked well.

Now I realize that the display looks different, since it shows an empty line at the center:

     / Detail line 1
Text / <empty line>
     / Detail line 2

When I moved from CrLf to Lf as linebreak, the display seems OK again.

So CrLf seems to add two linebreaks, instead of only one (which is understandable on non-windows platforms).


So I ask myself, since this was OK earlier with CrLf too,
has something changed in the linebreak separation of text in iOS ?


Unfortunately I cannot really say since when this was going wrong, for sure Rx10.1/2/3 was OK.

Maybe only in the newer versions, I guess, this happened.



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