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Larry Hengen

Issues Deploying Firebird DB on Ubuntu 8.04LTS

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I experimented this weekend with deploying a small FMX app that uses a Firebird 3 database running on a Linux instance.  From reading the DockWiki it doesn't seem to me that you can deploy a database file on Linux (through a VM shared drive mapping), and if you copy the database file on the linux side to the scratch folder, it is removed once you attempt to debug the application over PAServer.


Is there a way to prevent PAServer from deleting files that are not part of the deployment but appear in the scratch-dir?


For some reason I also cannot debug the application, I get an N8Firebird16status_exceptionE exception when attempting to open the database connection.  The database file is present as I create it before the application attempts to open it.  I can however, run the application from the terminal window.  I assume it has something to do with permissions.  PAServer is running under my user account and FireDAC is establishing a local connection to the database which is in the same folder as the app.  It doesn't help using sudo to run PAServer, so I am at a loss...


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"In Rome (Linux) do as the romans do"

1) Change database location to your home folder and forget about troubles

2) Show stacktrace for exception

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8 hours ago, Fr0sT.Brutal said:

+1. Just copy DB file to another location. Do you really need connecting to DB locally? 

It's not that simple.  I copied the DB to /home/larryh/Downloads/LinuxDBForCompositeTesting/COMPOSITEAPP.FDB but I get an exception (shown below) when FireDAC attempts to open the database when I am debugging.  As I said, I can run the app fine from the command line, but that doesn't help me debug the app on Linux.  The DB is owned by the Firebird Administrator.  I have tried changing ownership to my account but that doesn't resolve the error.

Project FmxTaskApp raised exception class N8Firebird16status_exceptionE with message 'Exception Object Address: 0x1C04280'.






Screenshot from 2020-09-08 11-08-47.png

Edited by Larry Hengen

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16 hours ago, Larry Hengen said:

Project FmxTaskApp raised exception class N8Firebird16status_exceptionE with message 'Exception Object Address: 0x1C04280'.

Very informative ))) DAC guys rock!

I'd recommend you to try opening DB from Firebird's own tool ISQL (on Linux it's called isql-fb). Thus you can ensure the DB is really accessible.

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@Lars Fosdal

I did try to change the database file permissions but the exception remains.  The interesting thing is that I discovered the exception is not fatal.  I previously assumed that once it was thrown the application could not continue.  This is not the case.  The application opens and does appear to behave normally.  I can set a break point and debug the app, so the issue is not critical, but I would like to understand why an exception is thrown and resolve it.  I have attached the DB permissions both before and after changing them.


I noticed a status error opening the DB through isql about access to /tmp/Firebird so I changed the permissions on that folder.  Now the exception is fatal :-).


My conclusion is that I will have to post the exception on the Firebird forums for a developer to comment, or create a bug report if that doesn't work.  Seems to be an installation issue of some sort.  Thanks fro all the feedback.

Db Permissions After.png

Database Permissions.png

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