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Ian Branch

Key Combination to enter Edit or Insert mode??

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Hi Team,

Given the relevant DataSource AutoEdit is False, and the only Navigator button option is Insert, and it isn't clicked, is there any generic key combination that could cause a dataset to go into edit/insert mode?

I certainly haven't created one.


Regards & TIA,


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Which control is supposed to handle that key stroke?


TDBGrid reacts on <F2> and <Insert>.

Edited by Uwe Raabe

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Hi Uwe,

Hopefully none.  In theory there is no way for the User to edit the fields until the Dataset is put in Edit or Insert modes.

I have had a couple of error reports, I use EurekaLog, where the report is that the Dataset isn't in Edit or Insert mode, with the error happening when the User ostensibly clicks on Save/Post in the DBNavigator.  This suggests that the User has edited a field somehow and then clicked Save/Post but there is no evidence of the Dataset being put into either mode in the trace.

It has left me a little baffled.  Hence the query about there being some key combination that the User may have stumbled  on.





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I have seen this kind of error in posts and had it bite myself sometimes. However, it is usually something to do with the DAC in question and/or hmmm... unothodox coding (like processmessages or some such). Very not comfortable if you cannot reproduce it while debugging. Does the affected table have BLOBs? BLOBs are fetched after the table data and buffered DAC has shown probems that have given you problem. Also, maybe the user clicked the button, but another problem arises after that and when save is clicked the states are not quite synced. Googling "Dataset not in insert or edit mode" gives a lot of hits. Have you tried prowling around for things to try?



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Hi Dany,

Thanks for your input.  Appreciated.

Yes the table does have BLOBs, I will look into that aspect.

I would be very disappointed if the User had clicked the edit button and it hadn't been captured.

The issue doesn't seem to be endemic, just every now and then and certainly I haven't been able to reproduce it.  I have put a couple of logging points in and re-published to the Customer to see if that produces any insight.



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