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IDE drawing bug with two monitors with odd settings

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I got two 4K monitors and placed them side by side. And I discovered some interesting effects in Delphi 10.4.1:


  • on the left a 32" monitor with 3840x2160, scale set to 125%, secondary monitor
  • on the right a 27" monitor with 3840x2160, scale set to 150%, primary monitor
  • IDE moved to full screen on the left monitor
  • one undocked window on the right monitor (e.g. the refactorings window)
  • When I now try to select any entry from the main menu, regardless if with the keyboard or the mouse, it is drawn far to the left. The "File" menu is outside the screen, only when the "Recent Files" entry is selected, this submenu becomes visible. The other main menu entries are moved to the left.




It probably takes quite some skill to get this effect. 😉




But as I discovered during the last week, programming for multiple monitors with different resolutions and scaling is far from easy, especially in older Delphi versions (2007) where Windows is lying about the settings unless you modify the manifest. Add Remote Desktop with Windows 10 client + Windows 8.1 host to the mix and it becomes impossible. What I got to work fairly well is Remote Desktop with Windows 10 on both sides with Delphi 10.2.3. I haven't tried more recent Delphi versions.


I was surprised though, that GExperts didn't show any issues. Probably just luck so far.

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If you want to increase the challenge, place your windows toolbar at the top. This screws up a lot of Delphi applications when maximized. Maybe only in combination with VCL styles.

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