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What's the correct way to free an object in C++Builder?

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I got a bug report that the C++ code generated by the Components to Code expert to free a component is wrong.


Currently it generates this:

    TEdit *Edit1;

    Edit1 = new TEdit((TComponent *)NULL);

    Edit1->Name = "Edit1";
    Edit1->Parent = ParentPanel;
    Edit1->Left = 56;
    Edit1->Top = 8;
    Edit1->Width = 121;
    Edit1->Text = "Edit1";

    delete[] Edit1;

According to David G. Hoyle it should be done like this:

delete Edit1;

but according to the bug report it should be:


I tend to believe Dave, but since I don't do any C++ Builder programming, I don't know which syntax is correct.

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I believe X->Free() is coming from the Delphi compatibility and is only used when importing Delphi object. Meaning it works only with TObject descendant. On the other hand delete X is a standard c++ operator that works with all objects whether they descend from TObject or not.

On this page, there is an explicit note that says


Note: In C++ code, do not use Free to destroy an object. Use the delete keyword.


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Yes, do not use TObject::Free() in C++, use the native delete operator instead.  The delete[] operator is for freeing arrays allocated with the new[] operator, so the generated code is definitely wrong in that regard.  A general rule of thumb is:


allocator ->deallocator

new -> delete (single item)

new[] -> delete[] (array of items)

(m|c|re)alloc() -> free() (C runtime)


I also question the expert's decision to set the component's Owner to NULL, but without knowing what the expert actually does and what its input is, I could not say for sure if that is correct or not.

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