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Alexander Sviridenkov

HTML Library 4.3 released.

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Major improvements:
  1. New context sensitive toolbar at editor bottom (eoContextToolbar option) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdWafp0xyPA
  2. Image selection toolbar.
  3. 40% faster style and layout calculation
  4. Support for inlined truetype fonts (@font-face... data:font/truetype;base64)
  5. Support for CSS tab-stop decimal and tab-interval
  6. CSS word-spacing and letter-spacing properties
  7. Magnifier when selecting text on Android and iOS
  8. Local links navigation (Click in HtPanel, Ctrl+Click in Editor)
  9. Subscript and superscript actions for selection and context toolbars.
  10. Linux: support for copy/paste formatted HTML and paste RTF
  11. Advanced charts (gradients and more: see Charts 2 section in Reports demo).
What is HTML Library: the only true native HTML/CSS/SVG engine for Delphi, all Delphi versions, all platforms, VCL and FMX. Rendering using GDI, GDI+, Direct2d, FMX canvas, text canvas and native iOS, OSX and Android canvases. CSS animations and transitions, animated GIF support for all platforms. RTL languages. WYSIWYG HTML editor, import from RTF and DOCX, export to PDF. Interactive HTML/SVG Reports with charts. FastReport, ReportBuilder, VirtualTreeView, SynPDF, Addict and DevExpress spellchecker integration. Pascal scripting engine. SQL library for parsing, analyzing and transforming SQL queries and working with database schema. Universal Email library for sending and receiving emails.
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