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TWebBrowser very Weird Behavior with Gif images

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i have created two Forms 

Form 1

Form 2

each form has TWebBrowser Control 


now i have a Gif that i call its name Foo.gif  

<img  src="Foo.gif" border="0" />

when i load this image in form1 TWebBrowser its animated normally .

when i load it in Form2 TWebBrowserit doesn't animated 

i am Adding this gif once at run Time To each form when form Created 


also i notice that this happened if the gif that i try to load to another TWebBrowser have the same name 


so if i load foo.gif in form1 it will animate in form1 hence when loaded to Form2 TWebBrowser and it got the same name of the previously loaded one it doesn't animate in Form2 TWebBrowser


any idea why this behavior happened  ?

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Changed To TwebBrowser sense its related to TwebBrowser overall

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Any one tested and get same results? Is it a bug with twebbrowser itself? 

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I can reproduce it, but I have no idea why this is the case. I suppose it has nothing to do with GIF files, the 2nd TWebBrowser just doesn't get repainted. If you resize your window you see how portions of the 2nd browser view will get repainted.

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Yes its very weird i guess its a bug with twebbrowser on reading similar gif names in multiple instances 

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