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Delphi keeps asking me to add VclSmp when it is already there

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I am writing an IDE package which `requires` list contains `vclsmp`. However, when I compile it, I get this warning:


MyPackage.dpk(458): W1033 'Spin' unit is implicitly imported in the 'MyPackage' package


And then the IDE shows a nice dialog telling me "You should add VclSmp". If I say yes, well, obviously, it does not do anything because VclSmp is already there.


And, of course, if I try to install my package, I get an error message because TSpinEdit is already registerd by another package, namely the dclsmp270.bpl file


This is all very strange to me and I don't quite get why it does not work.

What did I miss? What should I look at?

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VclSmp is the "Embarcadero Sample Components" package, containing TGauge, TSpinEdit, TSpinButton and others. Do you use any of this components in your package? Or contains you package a unit named "spin.pas?"

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Ah of course !

That package comes from the dark old ages of the beginning of Delphi and had its own copy of Spin.pas that was not included in the project dpk/dproj
I simply removed the file altogether, it now uses the one from Delphi and everything is now working smoothly.


Thanks for pointing this out.

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