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Python 4 Delphi , UBUNTU 18.04 , libicuuc.so.60 error

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I  tried to  execute  the FMX demos  of Python for Delphi ( . https://github.com/pyscripter/python4delphi )

OS = WIN 64  no problem 


I can compile  this  code for  LINUX / UBUNTU as well, but I can't execute 


error msg 


Exception EAccessViolation in module libicuuc.so.60 at 00007FA5A18A15EB.
Access violation at address 00007FA5A18A15EB, accessing address 0000000003A73000


how to  fix this error ??



Remark :


same exe  copied  to RED HAT V 7 system,    execution seems to be  perfect after 1st. test ..... 

questions goes more  to help on config my  ubuntu system 😞  

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