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Problems with 10.4 IDE

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The main things I work on are multi-threaded on the 64-bit platform.  When I first got Delphi 10.4, I had problems in the IDE:


1. Refactor/rename would not work - it would change only the one at the cursor and none of the others.


2. Find Declaration would not work.


3. Worst of all, after a break, I could not examine variables.  Putting the cursor over the variable didn't work.  Local variables aren't shown in their window.


I had to go back to 10.3.  When I got 10.4.1 (about 2 days after release), the problems were gone - until yesterday.  Now they are all back.  Also, before I think Ctrl-F7 would work to examine a variable, but now it doesn't work.  It says "E2003 undeclared identifier". (When debugging, I have {$O-} to make sure it doesn't optimize away any variables.)


One thing about my program is that I have a compiler directive to use or not use multi-threading.  (I can also set the number of threads from 1 to the number of virtual cores.)

I found that if I use the compiler directive to turn off the multi-threading, it doesn't have the problems.  If I turn multi-threading back on, the problems are back.


I haven't been able to find a solution.  Does anyone know how to fix this?


ADDED: I went back to an earlier project. and it didn't have the problems. Then I went back to the project with the problems, and it still has them.


ALSO: I since it is specific to the project, I deleted the DSK file.  Find Declaration works and examining global variables works, but not local variables.


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Well the problem with local variables is only with subroutines called in the threads.  But just about all of the work is inside threads!


The problem with refactor/rename and Find Declaration went away but now they are back.  I found someone discussing this problem on a much earlier version, XE7 I think, and what they said to do doesn't apply here.  Does anyone have a solution?

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Hello Jud,


I am encountering the same problem. Do you already have a workable solution ?


Kind regards, Daniel


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No solution.  If I remember correctly, 10.3 didn't have the problem.  10.4 had the problem but then 10.4.1 fixed the problem.  But then there were two patches to 10.4.1 that still had the problem.  I got 10.4.2 about 3 days ago, and Find Declaration has been working for me.  But Refactor/Rename doesn't work (and is worse).  Before Refactor/Rename would change the one where you have the cursor, but no others.  Now it doesn't even change the one at the cursor.

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