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Build time with 10.3 almost doubled

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Hello there,


I just upgraded our app to Delphi 10.3.

The source code is identical to what we compile with Tokyo.

I have installed the same 3rd Party Components in Tokyo/Rio (madExcept, MMX Explorer, G-Experts, Rem Objects Hydra, DevExpress VCL)


If I do a 'Build All' in Tokyo, the elapsed time is 1min 14 sec.

In Rio the elapsed time almost doubles to 2min 19 sec.


What I notice is that while Rio is compiling the layout combo box selector and the search box (on the title bar) are constantly flickering,


ca. 1.9 Mio lines of code.


Is anyone else experiencing this?


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I tuned disabled theming and the build time dropped by almost a minute. It still take a few seconds more than in Tokyo though.

What is strange is that when I reenabled theming just to verify that theming was causing the problem, the flickering stopped, and the build time improved to ca. 1 min 20 sec.

Still slower than with Tokyo.


After flickering stopped the build time decreased dramatically. Unfortunately never got to figure out what was causing the flickering as it stopped happening after modyfing the settings.

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Just now the theme button and search bar started flickering again... This time I had not changed any IDE Setting.

I did however move the IDE between different monitors. This seems to be the cause.

I restarted the IDE and flickering stopped -> build time increased.

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Turn off theming and dump moderntheme260.bpl and re-check.

(Alternatively you could disable the compile dialog)




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@Attila Kovacs With theming disabled the problem does not ocurr. Since I do not need to move the IDE to another monitor frequently it is not a big problem. At least I know what causes it and how to easily workaround it.

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