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David Schwartz

looking for animated 3D lettering

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Someone gave me a bunch of PowerPoint slides that have a static background image and some fly-in text. They play a short music track over it, and record a video using Camtasia. That's ok for a few, but it begs to be automated. They make short videos that are delivered via a web page.


My goal is to load the image, start the audio file playing, then fly-in the text, using TMS WebCore, inside of a web browser. The audio stops and that's it. Simple.


I'm trying to make it so we can skip the whole process of setting up the PPT slides, the music, then recording each one in Camtasia. Instead, we'll either select a BG image, music track, and text randomly, or make a list of triples that will be used together.


It's easy to load up a static image and trigger an MP3 to play, but how do I do the fly-in text?


(What I'm referring to are the text animations you can do in PowerPoint where it slides, drops, flips around, spins, and other stuff.)


While I think FMX may be able to do this directly, TMS WebCore probably requires a graphics lib that's VCL compatible.

Can CSS do fly-ins? 


Also, we don't need hundreds of different fly-ins. It's just for some variety and eye-catching animation. A dozen would be fine.

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No, but I just discovered that PowerPoint can now generate Animated GIFs!


What does it take to show an Ani-GIF in a Delphi app?


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