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Many has the same problem that i have. Also my getit is not working and i fight already many day with is without success.

I have installed embarcadero 10.4.1 with an offline installer.

Was offline, and ik have set it online without any success.

Ik have also already switch off my firewall without success.

Ik have installed embarcadero 10.4.1 on virtualbox with windows 10 and an second computer directly also with windows 10. Both react the same. NO YOUTUBE CHANAL, NO ADD ONS, NO IDE PATCHES, AND NO SAMPLE APPLICATIONS.


What do i wrong, and how can i fix this???

It looks so an easy problem, but i am fully lost.

Hopefully tou can help me out.


grtz Frans

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Yes i have tried this, but that is the universal getitnow for all versions from embarcadero, and not specific for version 10.4.1.

Also i think that the patches are not include, only add ons are include.

What i want is repair the IDE from my version so that the Youtube Video Channel works, The button for the IDE Patches, The button for the Sample Applications, and the button for the ADD ones.

Has someone already fixed this issues??

i have also tried https://getit-104.embarcadero.com directly from the net, but also that is not working.


Grtz Frans 

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8 hours ago, Frans van Enschot said:

the patches are not include

You should be able to get those from https://my.embarcadero.com


As for the rest, what are the results of NsLookup?

nslookup getit-104.embarcadero.com



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Hi again,


I can login as a student in my.embarcadero.com, but it helps me not further.

Also when i search with 

nslookup getit-104.embarcadero.com

i can not find the getit-104 download site.


Has anyone solved this problem?

i know it is only a cosmetic problem, but it will be nice when i can solve this


grtz Frans

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