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Bungled up component install

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I had installed a number of components into Delphi  10.2 (Tokyo). One such being Graphics32 which has 2 packages: GR32_R, GR32_D (in Folder Source\Packages\RX2). I subsequently installed the packages from Folder RX3 into Delphi 10.3 Rio. I did a similar thing for a few other components. Then when I tried to open 10.2 again, I got a "runtime error 236", and after pressing "OK", (well it's not really OK, but they don't give me any other choice, do they?) the IDE quits/crashes. Anyway, so I uninstalled some of the other components from 10.2 that I had also installed into 10.3 or simply deleted the bpl files from the output directory, and eventually the IDE now loads without a problem. So now I am trying to install Graphics32 into 10.2 again. Beforehand I have deleted all related bpl/dcp files from the computer (using "everything" (voidtools.com) to locate them). The GR32_R package compiles without problem. Then I try to install GR32_D, and I get this error:




compiled with      : Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
madExcept version  : 5.1.0
callstack crc      : $bbb2a095, $d90e1a6f, $9a4b8b87
exception number   : 5
exception class    : EAccessViolation
exception message  : Access violation at address 40828841 in module 'rtl260.bpl'. Read of address 00000010.

thread $1f14:
40828841 +02d rtl260.bpl           GETMEM           1964 +21 System.SysGetMem
4082a248 +004 rtl260.bpl           System           4791 +20 @GetMem
4082f7d2 +00a rtl260.bpl           System          17386  +1 TObject.NewInstance
4083000b +007 rtl260.bpl           System          18765  +5 @ClassCreate
4082f8b7 +007 rtl260.bpl           System          17445  +0 TObject.Create
4372d38d +015 GR32_RRX2.bpl        Gr32_system               initialization
50061276 +042 rtl250.bpl           System          22836 +21 InitUnits
500612e6 +046 rtl250.bpl           System          22864  +8 @PackageLoad
4368a9b1 +005 GR32_DRX2.bpl        Gr32_d                    @PackageLoad
500a037b +03b rtl250.bpl           System.SysUtils 25779  +4 InitializePackage
5985a657 +01b madExcept_.bpl       madExcept                 InterceptInitializePackage
500a04d5 +085 rtl250.bpl           System.SysUtils 25830 +18 LoadPackage
204e9b7c +008 coreide250.bpl       PakLoad           146  +0 TPackage.DoLoadPackage
204e9cf1 +055 coreide250.bpl       PakLoad           220  +7 TPackage.Load
204ec50d +061 coreide250.bpl       PakMgr            591  +2 TDesignPackage.Load
21e1b2cb +05b delphicoreide250.bpl PasCppPakMgr     2292  +4 TIDEDesignPackage.Load
50060039 +01d rtl250.bpl           System          18304  +2 @AfterConstruction
21e1b0df +06b delphicoreide250.bpl PasCppPakMgr     2217 +11 TIDEDesignPackage.DelayLoad
21f0cf80 +030 delphicoreide250.bpl PakList           939  +3 TPackageListItem.LoadWait
21f0cee7 +06f delphicoreide250.bpl PakList           914 +15 TPackageListItem.SetIsInstalled.@label
21f0bf0f +067 delphicoreide250.bpl PakList           582  +7 TPackageListItem.SetIsInstalled
21f0bcdb +0d3 delphicoreide250.bpl PakList           497 +13 TPackageList.AddPackage
21f21a2a +09e delphicoreide250.bpl BasePasProjOpts  1795  +9 TProjOptsManager.InstallPackage
21f22c9f +003 delphicoreide250.bpl BasePasProjOpts  2424  +0 TProjectOptions.InstallPackage
21eec540 +19c delphicoreide250.bpl PasMgr          13008 +18 TPascalPackageCodeUpdater.InstallPackage
21e26059 +071 delphicoreide250.bpl PkgContainers     178  +8 TStdPackageProjectContainer.CommandHandler
2050bf6b +19f coreide250.bpl       ContainerIntf     862 +26 TIDEProjectManagerMenuObject.Execute
2050db8e +176 coreide250.bpl       ContainerIntf    1110 +18 TProjectManagerMenuItem.Click
50c16d18 +018 vcl250.bpl           Vcl.Menus        3482  +5 TMenu.DispatchCommand
50c17faa +082 vcl250.bpl           Vcl.Menus        4655  +4 TPopupList.WndProc
50c17ef9 +01d vcl250.bpl           Vcl.Menus        4630  +2 TPopupList.MainWndProc
5016ebce +01e rtl250.bpl           System.Classes  17408 +11 StdWndProc
768e41db +00b user32.dll                                     DispatchMessageW
50c31e1f +0f3 vcl250.bpl           Vcl.Forms       10641 +23 TApplication.ProcessMessage
50c31e62 +00a vcl250.bpl           Vcl.Forms       10671  +1 TApplication.HandleMessage
50c32195 +0c9 vcl250.bpl           Vcl.Forms       10809 +26 TApplication.Run
0050bab2 +06a bds.exe              bds               214  +7 initialization
74906357 +017 KERNEL32.DLL                                   BaseThreadInitThunk

As far as I know Delphi 10.2 is vcl250/rtl250, and 10.3 is rtl260, so what does it mean that the call stack is showing both rtl250 and rtl260?



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It looks like you are in installing a 10.3 package into 10.2. The 10.3 package references rtl260, which makes the Tokyo IDE crash.


Usually these packages should have a compiler version specific suffix (like 250 or 260), but it seems the GR32 packages are missing this LIBSUFFIX setting.

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my tip:

  • BEFORE any install (of components with not installers), ALWAYS open the "Project - Options" to verify the definitons for each items!
    • If necessary, do your changes! I like change the Target folders
  • To uninstall the components/packages in your IDE do it:
    • 1st use "Component" menu to uninstall the Packages (or same by using (Uninstall) Project Manager if your packages is opened on IDE)
    • 2nd, close your IDE and open Registry and look in:  (here 20.0 is my RAD Studio 10.3.3 Rio) ok?
      • Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\20.0\Known IDE Packages --> by IDE
      • Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\20.0\Known Packages --> user add-on
        • here, delete the line of your addon BPL (your components with problem), for example: my FastReport crash all time, then, go to hell baby!
      • this keys is inherited from "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Embarcadero\BDS\20.0" when the RAD is installed!
    • 3rd, now search in your disk for all residual files, like: dcu, bpl, etc... and delete it! 
      • Dont forghet look at "Public\...\Embarcadero\BPL and DCP etc..."
  • Now, if you IDE dont run as expected, then, you need a "clean reinstall" it


image.thumb.png.65b1d7f3043678ac06f61bd0b851fe29.png   image.thumb.png.6c76ceee4e37d7758307202278dc431f.png


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@Uwe and @emailx45, thanks for the tips. I did manage to come right eventually.


There were some errant bpl's in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\Bpl. Once they were deleted, things started making more sense. Not sure why they were affecting Tokyo installation though.


I uninstalled and re-installed a number of components, and also looked through the registry and found a couple of strange entries where some components where referencing a mix of Tokyo and Rio bpl's. (I did a search for rtl260) Not sure how that happened. Maybe due to a custom util that I use 🙂

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