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About GExperts / some frequently asked questions

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What is GExperts?

GExperts is a plugin for the Delphi IDE that adds many enhancements and also fixes some bugs.


Which Delphi versions are supported?

By the time of this writing GExperts supports Delphi 6 to 10.4 (with the exception of Delphi 8). GExperts releases always support/require the latest update for each Delphi version available at the time of the release.


Where can download it?

There is a link to downloads for the current and older releases on https://gexperts.dummzeuch.de


I found a bug, what do I do?

Please file a bug report. If you happen to have already fixed this bug, please also attach a patch or an archive with the changed source files.


I have a brilliant idea for an improvement. What do I do?

Please file a feature request.


I have added some improvement to GExperts. Where can I submit it?

Please also file a feature request and attach a patch or an archive with changed source files.


Why shouldn't I report bugs an request features through this forum?

I prefer to work on the actual program rather than being my own secretary. Taking posts from the forum and create the bug reports / feature requests is boring and time consuming work. I don’t want to do that work.


Where is the source code?

See compiling your own DLL.


Why is GExperts still on SourceForge rather than on Github like all the other important projects?

I happen to like SubVersion better than Git. Github does not support SubVersion (apart from a bridge with limited features).


What if I have a question not covered in this list?
There is a more comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on my homepage Additional questions can of course be asked in the forum.

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