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Marking Forum as Read - Doesn't

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Often I'll trawl through the different forums and maybe open one or two of them, as my interest is peaked. Sometimes I don't see anything of interest. What I always do when I come out of that topic is to press the big icon which supposedly marks the forum as read. If I enter that forum then, sure enough, all the topics are marked read.


However, when I come here on the following day and see there are 'new' topics, when I enter the forum the same questions I thought had been marked as read yesterday are not. It's only if I open the question and close it does it remain read. Or if I press the 'Mark forum as read' text to the right. But to do that I need to enter the forum first. It's annoying to see what I think is new material only to enter the forum to see it's questions I've previously decided not to open.


Is this the way it is supposed to work?

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What I do is on each visit to this site, I click on "Unread Content" that is available at the top of every page, open any new messages that look interesting, and then click on "Mark site read" at the bottom of the list.  I haven't had any problems with old messages popping up as unread after I have read/marked them.

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