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Has anybody built an app with Rad Studio, and done a WatchOS bundle?  Just wonder what the process is and if it is possible.

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by Jim McKeeth - February 13, 2019



Question: Timeline for support of WatchOS from Apple?

  • Answer: Both WatchOS and AppleTV require apps published to the app store are in an intermediate format that Apple hasn’t published. 
  • I believe you can still build apps to deploy directly the platform though. 
  • Those platforms are not on the roadmap.


Has anything changed?



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From what I know you need to code your AppleWatch app via XCode only for now.
Android watches are different, it works from RadStudio, but not AppleWatch.

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I was afraid of that....thanks.  Hopefully, somebody will chime in - seems like it should be easy to do.  If I get time, I'll have to dig into it.  XCode is not my favorite thing to play with (which is why I'm using RadStudio). :classic_biggrin:

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I totally second that. XCode is cumbersome yet very powerful but can be intimidating too.

Offering a watch equivalent to a main application (smartphone) is a must now and it would really be cool to be able to do this.
But if I'm correct, the problem (technical) lies more on the Apple side than Embarcadero.

Fingers crossed.

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