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Android PlayStore review: How long can it take ?

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Hi there,


the PlayStore take now more than 7 days in the status "wird überprüft (in review)".


Google has changed recently their complete PlayStore to a newer version, and is also asking for additional permissions/explanations,

in my case why to use location in background mode.

Then you have to answer a few questions, and provide a link with a video that, which explains why to use that permission.


The PlayConsole already notes that review might take longer these days, but from Google I never had too much hazzle in

the reveiw process.

Thats why I'm not sure if >7 days is usual now, or if I should carefully ask the support whats going on ?


How is your experience, is this the "new normal" now ?


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On 1/23/2021 at 11:16 AM, weabow said:

For me, about 30'.



30 what, days :classic_wacko:

I've got 8 days now, never took so long before.

And this time they want even changes :classic_sad:


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30 minutes.


Are you sure your submission is taken into account ? One time I've forgotten to click on the right button. Also, check adds options, and so on.

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To day's deployement on Android : uploaded at 09h45, accepted at 10h23.


Hope this helps

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Yes, thats the usual time: 00:30 to 1:00, not much more.

It was the first time I've got 8 days, never that much even in a manual review.

I assume its a 2-level process

1. automated review: 30-60 min.

and, if there is any issue

2. manual review (this can take longer these days, as noted on the Android page)

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