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Who has tested on M1 already, how does it work ?

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Hi there,


I have found this interesting post from Developpeur-pascal.fr, about howto check the M1 processor from an Macos app.

(here the original link).

Since I have no Apple M1 device in hand, I'm very curious about how it runs, or what needs to be prepared or avoided to do so.


I assume that only normal, compiled apps may be working, by the Rosetta2 emulator, but not the PAServer debugger itself.

( or can PAServer be emulated and debugging too, and M1 could operate quite normally ?   I would bet 10 bucks against that  :classic_biggrin: ).


Would be great if you would share the pitfalls we can find there.


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I have a Mac Mini with M1 CPU. You can run PAServer on it and deploy Delphi MacOS apps on it, but you cannot debug. So as long as you choose "Run without debugging", then it works fine.

See also this post:


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