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  1. Hans♫

    Low-level audio on Android?

    It looks like the Oboe library is the way to go for low-level audio input/output on Android. But it's a C++ library, so it will require writing a wrapper to flatten it. Do you know anyone using Oboe in Delphi, that might have written a full or partial wrapper? PS. I am usually a little afraid to share my own wrappers on various platforms because they are usually only partially completed and I fear that I also have to provide support for it, and instruct how to use it 😉. However, anything you have would be a great help 🙂
  2. I have used SDKtransform for years (executed through "SDK Transform Assistant") to implement the iOS and OSX frameworks that are not included with Delphi. However, an increasing number of classes fail to be converted and are not included in the output .pas header file. Right now I need to convert AVAudioEngine from AVFoundation in MacOS 11 (Big Sur), but SDKtransform fails with a lot of these lines added to the log: "WARN: cannot add ObjCInterface AVAudioEngine - base class unknown" Could this be due to the way it is defined (as an interface)? API_AVAILABLE(macos(10.10), ios(8.0), watchos(2.0), tvos(9.0)) @interface AVAudioEngine : NSObject { @private void *_impl; } - (instancetype)init; - (void)attachNode:(AVAudioNode *)node; - (void)detachNode:(AVAudioNode *)node; ... @property (readonly, nonatomic) BOOL isInManualRenderingMode API_AVAILABLE(macos(10.13), ios(11.0), watchos(4.0), tvos(11.0)); ... @end // AVAudioEngine How do I autoconvert this type of header definitions? PS. This is a copy of my post on StackOverflow.
  3. Hans♫

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    I have not seen any yet. Where do you experience problems? Maybe. There is a chance that you could implement debugging without offering arm as a target, but I suppose it would rely on the Rosetta 2 emulator, if that implements mapping of instructions and memory for debugging purpose. With the limited development ressources that Embarcadero can put into it, we are probably not seeing debugging support for the M1 until they make a full support of the M1 ARM target.
  4. Hans♫

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    No it still doesn't work, and I realize I forgot to create an issue about it. Now it is there: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-32362
  5. Hans♫

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    I have no performance numbers, but it "feels" faster. Apps starts faster and feels more responsive, but maybe it is also related to being a new and fresh installation of MacOS, compared to a 3 years old Mac Mini with Intel.
  6. I have a Mac Mini with M1 CPU. You can run PAServer on it and deploy Delphi MacOS apps on it, but you cannot debug. So as long as you choose "Run without debugging", then it works fine. See also this post:
  7. Hans♫

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    The roadmap refers to ARM M1 as a target platform. What I am referring to is to be able to debug the Intel target on an ARM M1 CPU. I can deploy and run from Delphi on the M1 CPU, but I cannot debug. It might not be possible to use the CPU view in Delphi, as it would have to work through the Rosetta 2 converter, but limited debug facilities would suffer, e.g. Breakpoints and variable inspection.
  8. Hans♫

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    Now I had time to investigate it a bit further. Looks like debug mode does NOT work on the new M1 CPU. I can run a MacOS application from Delphi on the M1 Mac, without debugging, but when I run in debug mode I get the error: "unable to create process 'debug kernel timeout'". The same application runs fine in Debug mode when using an Intel Mac having the same versions of MacOS (Big Sur) and XCode. Before I create an issue on on Quality Portal. Are there any suggestions for things I should try first? - or extra information I can retrieve and include in the issue?
  9. It works with Delphi 🙂 Just received the Mac Mini with the new Apple M1 CPU. After a quick attempt to deploy our FMX app, I can confirm that PAServer runs and I can deploy and run our FMX app without problems. "Rosetta 2" seems to do the job very well!
  10. Hans♫

    AV with InApp purchase on MacOS

    I have attached the FMX.InAppPurchase.Mac.pas that we use so it is easy to use for others. All you need is to add it to your project and also add a modified version of FMX.InAppPurchase.pas where you include the file (just search for FMX.InAppPurchase.IOS, and see how that file is added, and do the same with the FMX edition) FMX.InAppPurchase.zip
  11. Hans♫

    AV with InApp purchase on MacOS

    We use InApp purchase on MacOS and it works fine. Sorry for not updating this thread. I worked with David directly to solve the problem in our code, but I think David has implemented his own solution in his Kastri framework: https://github.com/DelphiWorlds/Kastri
  12. Hans♫

    FMX Audio Plug-in development with FMX

    You'll probably need to do a lot of tweaking and manual work to create an AU with Delphi. The recommendation from Apple is to inherit from the AU base classes: "The quickest way, the one endorsed by Apple, and the one described in this document, is to subclass the appropriate C++ superclasses of the freely-downloadable Core Audio SDK." https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/MusicAudio/Conceptual/AudioUnitProgrammingGuide/Introduction/Introduction.html When I have needed to access C++ objects in Delphi, I have flattened them, but I don't know if this can be done everywhere in this situation. Someone else can probably tell you more about how you can handle that.
  13. EarMaster is a unique and highly praised app made in Delphi for Windows, MacOS and iOS. We are looking for a unique profile, and therefore I also share the job internationally. For the right person, this will be a dream job that might make you consider to relocate to Denmark! This job is at our office in Aarhus, Denmark, and remote work is not an option - don't waste your time to ask if we are sure, or if we have other jobs for remote workers 😉 The job add is in Danish, but it is not an absolute requirement that you speak Danish if you have strong English skills. The Google translated job add can be accessed here: https://www.it-jobbank.dk/jobannonce/362739/musikalsk-lead-udvikler-til-verdenskendt-musikteori-app You can find more information about the app at our Website: https://www.earmaster.com Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/eartraining and for a more technical insight, here is the video we made 4 years ago when our iPad app became the Embarcadero "Cool App Winner":
  14. Hans♫

    Controlling Canon EOS cameras

    I made Delphi headers for the Canon SDK about 20 years ago. It allowed me to connect to the camera, show live preview, zoom, take pictures and download the pictures into my software. Don't know if the headers are of any use with the current SDK, but if you want to try, you can get it. No support included 😉