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  1. EarMaster is a unique and highly praised app made in Delphi for Windows, MacOS and iOS. We are looking for a unique profile, and therefore I also share the job internationally. For the right person, this will be a dream job that might make you consider to relocate to Denmark! This job is at our office in Aarhus, Denmark, and remote work is not an option - don't waste your time to ask if we are sure, or if we have other jobs for remote workers 😉 The job add is in Danish, but it is not an absolute requirement that you speak Danish if you have strong English skills. The Google translated job add can be accessed here: https://www.it-jobbank.dk/jobannonce/362739/musikalsk-lead-udvikler-til-verdenskendt-musikteori-app You can find more information about the app at our Website: https://www.earmaster.com Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/eartraining and for a more technical insight, here is the video we made 4 years ago when our iPad app became the Embarcadero "Cool App Winner":
  2. Hans♫

    Controlling Canon EOS cameras

    I made Delphi headers for the Canon SDK about 20 years ago. It allowed me to connect to the camera, show live preview, zoom, take pictures and download the pictures into my software. Don't know if the headers are of any use with the current SDK, but if you want to try, you can get it. No support included 😉
  3. Hans♫

    Record and process audio

    Sorry I didn't see that. I have sent a PM with those headers too. However, there are a lot of details to figure out before you can achieve what you want. Having the headers is just a small part of it. With a lot of Googling, reading and persistence - eventually you will get through 😉 Keep up the spirit!
  4. Hans♫

    Record and process audio

    If have sent a PM with the file, but you are far from done having this file. The best advice is to find code in Objective-C that does what you want, and then convert it to Delphi - which might include a few headaches.
  5. Hans♫

    Record and process audio

    All the AudioQueue... functions are in iOSapi.AudioToolbox. Do you know how to convert the SDK headers your self? - or else I can send you my version of the file.
  6. Hans♫

    Record and process audio

    We have developed a low-level audio input solution for Windows, MacOS and iOS. It allows us to process audio immediately when each buffer is filled and delivered to our code. I cannot share my code here, but here are some hints of the API functions we use on iOS: AudioQueueNewInput AudioQueueAllocateBuffer AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer AudioQueueStart AudioQueueStop
  7. I suppose the problem you have is the one described here: https://community.idera.com/developer-tools/platforms/f/macos-platform/70850/macbook-pro-high-sierra-gui-is-zoomed
  8. Thanks, I got that email too, but obviously missed the part about the storyboard 🙂
  9. I don't know when (or if) Apple will make it a requirement to use the Storyboard, but so far you can still use the old way that Delphi supports right now. We are not using the storyboard solution in our app, and that is still accepted by Apple. Its only one week ago we uploaded the last update.
  10. Is there a confusion between "App Store" and "Mac App Store" somewhere? The error message contains both "Mobile" and "App Store", which refers to iOS, not MacOS. Our App is on Mac App Store now, though we use our own shell scripts to sign and build the final application package.
  11. Hans♫

    AddFontResource/Ex not working on some machines

    On Firemonkey there is a problem loading fonts dynamically, so maybe its related to that? https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-16207
  12. I haven't investigated their REST API, so I don't know how much functionality it implements compared to the SDK.
  13. I didn't answer this one because the steps to include the FB SDK is pretty much the same as mentioned in the GRIJJY blog. Though I never needed to fix anything regarding Delegates, so depending on your needs, this pretty long part can be skipped. Also, my first implementation of the FB SDK was made in 2015-16, before anyone else had published solutions for it. My implementation is much simpler and focus only on the areas that I needed my self. Therefore it is not compatible with the GRIJJY source code. However, @MikeMon I'll be happy to share my headers and units to implement the Facebook API.
  14. Thanks Dave, it solved the problem! I added the fake includer function to the FB SDK headers as you suggested: procedure CLangRTLoader; cdecl; external '/usr/lib/clang/lib/darwin/libclang_rt.ios.a'; Now it links with the FBSDK 4.36 without problems, and after a few hours of work to adapt my code to the new API version, everything works! (I didn't try newer versions for now, as they might require further updating of my code and headers)