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ICS FAQ, volunteers wanted

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For years Wilfried Mestdagh was maintaining a very good ICS FAQ at www.mestdagh.biz/ics/faq.

He recently died 😞 RIP.


We are looking for volunteers wanting to copy his valuable content to wiki.overbyte.be where other FAQ are already there. I'm afraid this content will disappear soon.


If you want to help, contact me privately by email (You'll find my email at www.overbyte.be).



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I used "HTTrack Website Copier" to download the pages. Do you want me to zip and send it to you?



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The difficult (Not difficult but time consuming actually) part of the work is to recreate the content using the Wiki syntax. Can you do that also ? Anyway, I'll be glad to received the zip file since it has been done. Thanks.

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