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Ann: NexusDB 4.50.25 update - New Features

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Hi all!
We have kept busy in the dungeon during recent months, and are popping up for a moment to draw breath and give you the latest news.
In the just released v4.50.25, the following new features have been implemented:
- Multithreaded reindexing operations, spreads work across multiple CPU
cores to finish faster
(Note: feature requires Delphi 10.3 or newer; requires new nxPatchPPL
unit to be added to any project containing a TnxServerEngine component
(whether C/S server or Embedded) for correct functioning).
Our standard nxServer binary comes with this enabled.
- New Record Engine Compression Options: Zip (level 1..9), RLE, Lz4 (level 1..9), to help reduce table size (depending on contents)
- Enterprise Manager: new Global Font option; application wide control of font and size
- Enterprise Manager: CSV Import: ignore key violations option; remove "field=" prefixes option
- Professional Edition: Secure Transport Components now supported in C++ Builder
The NexusDB Team
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Do you have (at least a one way) replication planned for a future release?

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