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I have news regarding to IDE hang. I took the time (lot) to attach the frozen IDE to a debugger and find followings:


there is a infinite message loop, affected are



some child controls of NameBtn without any component name nor text


some child controls of TypeNameBtn without any component name nor text


the infinite message loop is a variation of these messages:



1328 will be triggered from:

function TCustomTabControl.GetDisplayRect: TRect;


Looks like this whole entity thingy is on: TAppBuilder->TEditorDockPanel->TEditWindow->TPanel


Also, I have this EntityInsight turned off in the configuration. Actually I'm only using the open unit function from MMX.

It happens rarely, especially on fast finger actions like formatting, saving quickly, and meanwhile the mouse is over an entity in the editor and tries to evaluate it.

But then the IDE won't recover from this message loop.


For the record, there is always a chance that other things are also playing a role,  especially when we are debugging windows messages, so take this info

as an observation, maybe it helps finding something.





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meanwhile the mouse is over an entity in the editor



Just hovering over a unpathed unit in an uses clause can cause a quick ending.  Issue with browsing path?


The form screen position button in Design just happens to be in Bermuda triangle hot zone lower right hand code scrollbar edge.  




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Posted (edited)

Well, after more than a week without MMX (removed) I can say that not just there is no more IDE Hang's but the IDE become faster.

I suspect, that even after turning off the entityinsight, it sets itself to invisible but still working in the background for some reason.

On the other hand I'm missing some functions very badly.

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This form found in search menu item Find Class shows whatever namespace is scoped in the editor.

Once a "class" or whatever is in the namespace is selected it moves to it in the edit window. The find

references can then be clicked.  These "gems" would be nice if they didn't hang the program.     

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4 hours ago, Attila Kovacs said:

IDE become faster

Installing MMX15 slowed down everything, had to manually change prior Delphi versions back to 14.. plus those new images aren't my taste to be polite 🙂

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