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A.M. Hoornweg

class operator, AND/OR/XOR question

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Hello all,


I see that Delphi supports both bitwise and logical versions of and/or/xor operator overloading, but I'm not 100% sure about the difference between the two concepts. 

Assume I have a certain record type, and that I want to implement "AND", "OR" and "XOR" operators, each resulting in some kind of merge of the original input records.  The syntax I would like to use in my code would simply be "A:=(B OR C);"   


Do I need to implement BitWiseOr etc or LogicalOr, and if I implement both, how does Delphi decide which of the two is going to be used?



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From the Docwiki: 

  • For a logical operator and a bitwise operator using the same symbol, the logical operator is used only when the operands are booleans. Since the type of record for this record operator is not a boolean, a logical operator will only be used when the other operand is a boolean.


Oops: too late

Edited by Uwe Raabe

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I did consult the wiki but somehow managed to skip this line of text ten times. It must be monday morning ....


Thanks for pointing it out!

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