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David Schwartz

VirtualBox - no audio

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I've been running VirtualBox on my Mac with Win10 and Delphi installed in it to do my Delphi work.


So far, I haven't needed any audio. But I need to do something with audio, and am having trouble with getting it to work.


I can play some videos on, say, YouTube, but a Delphi app that makes sound via TMS WebCore is silent. When I save it to a web server it works.


I installed XAMPP on my Mac host and now I can open the file at localhost and it works. 


But running it inside of VirtualBox --> no sound.


Actually, it works for a bit right after a reboot of the VM, but then it stops after a time -- I haven't determined what blocks it.


It's not a huge problem, but it would be nice to consistently get audio out of the VM when I want it.


Has anybody run into this and know how to solve it?


I did some searching around and found stuff that says to change some driver in VirtualBox. But all I get is immutable combos with no way to change anything the way the articles explain. So I'm not sure what's going on there.

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Posted (edited)

hi @David Schwartz


many reporting a bug on "macOS" and "Linux" O.S. about "No Sound on VM guest"

  • there is report about use "MultiBeast v4.6 (to old OSX Lion)" but working...
  • any way, the VBox is free and its support is not good-thing... but many other commercial softwares is not, too! you know!

try this article: https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/20171  --> maybe, more a gif by Apple "black-box"








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On my system, the drop-downs (comboboxes) in the first set of images are all read-only and have no options. I can't change them. Not sure why.


And yes, I do have the Extension Pack installed.


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Just now, David Schwartz said:

read-only and have no options.

this is case more reported about macOS dont allow the driver-sound to be recognized by VirtualBox!

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Yes, I did find lots of reports and suggestions about this, but nothing that worked for me.


I was hoping someone here might have found a solution.

Thanks, tho.

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no problem!



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