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I am using OTL in a 64 bit Delphi 10.2.3 app (haven't had to look at it for a while). I have updated OTL and I now get a ComObj can't be found error in DSIWin32. This is fixed by changing it to System.Win.ComObj.


One question, is DSIWin32 the correct unit to be used in a 64bit app?

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I guess this code is written assuming that you will have certain namespace aliases defined.  You'll get the same error in a 32 bit app as you get in a 64 bit app.  If you don't then your project settings are different in 32 and 64 bit.  Perhaps you defined some of the settings in the 32 bit config rather than the base config.

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That's an implementation bug in DSiWin32. I'll fix that, thanks for the report.


DSiWin32 should work correctly in Win64. If not, that's a bug. 


(Yeah, indeed, naming ...)

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