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David Schwartz

Is anybody here working with WebCore + Web Audio API?

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WebCore is really cool. I'm wanting to build an audio-based app using the Web Audio API.


The pas2js guys processed the API with their magical tool and provided it as one of the free interface libs included with WebCore,  but there's not a single bit of documentation and no examples.


I've been trying to reproduce some of the many examples published for the API in JS, but either I'm not clear about how things are supposed to work (which is quite likely) or there's something about this library that's not working as intended (also very likely).


Anyway, it would be great to find some other folks who are also interested in this API to help figure things out. 


I've asked them to adapt some existing JS examples, but Bruno says the guys are just too busy.


Is anybody else here interested in audio?


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