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GetRegisteredPythonVersions for LINUX

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  System.SysUtils, System.Types, System.UITypes, System.Classes,
  FMX.Types, FMX.Controls, FMX.Forms, FMX.Graphics, FMX.Dialogs,
  FMX.Controls.Presentation, FMX.ScrollBox, FMX.Memo, FMX.StdCtrls,
  System.SyncObjs, FMX.Memo.Types, FMX.ListBox, System.IniFiles,
  PythonEngine, PythonVersions;

  PyVersion: TPythonVersion;

  FPyVersions := GetRegisteredPythonVersions;
  for PyVersion in FPyVersions do
  if cbb_Pyversions.Items.Count > 0 then
    cbb_Pyversions.ItemIndex := 0;


I failed to compile above code for LINUX OS, is there any workaround  in the UNIX platform ?



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The PythonVersions unit is of little value in Linux, where there is no Registry and no registered Python versions.  You need to manually provide the DLLName and DLLPath.


You can use some code that searches possible file locations.  For example in the Mac you can do, something like:

{$ifdef MACOS}

for N:= 5 to 9 do begin

  S:= Format('/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.%d/lib/libpython3.%d.dylib', [N, N]);

  if FileExists(S)

    then exit(S);




In Debian Linux you can search for file locations such as:



but it may vary by python distribution.

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what is the  correct path setting for  using python4delphi with UBUNTU ?

can I get a parameter recommendation 


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