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Intraweb/MS SQL/FireDAC app Azure deployment problem...

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Has anyone experienced and or resolved the following issue?


My app is a Delphi 10.4.2 Intraweb/MS SQL/FireDAC app.

I am moving an IW apps into Azure and I am using the Azure load balancer to load balance across two Azure servers.

This application is operating in our production environment in a data center without issue.

I am attempting to deployed it on two Azure server under IIS on Win Server 2019.

I connect to and log in successfully from any computer on our private network.

From the public internet I connect to the IW app and the get the login screen. I enter the log in credentials and on clicking log in I get my "please wait" for a second or so and it never progresses past the log in screen.

My IW app generates the following error:

[SQL Server]String or binary data would be truncated.


I then have removed one server from the Azure load balancer and there is a single MS SQL Server instance that the app is connected to and the problem persists.


Help please.


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Looks like an SQL server error. Have you checked that data sent to SQL server is correct? Regarding your error message, it looks like you are sending a text having a

 length greater than the declared field size.

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I use UniDAC and in such a case I would use DBMonitor to see what queries are send to the server.

I don't know if FireDAC has something like this but from what I know, if I'm not mistaken, you can see failed queries also in Azure.

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Thank you all so much!


I forgot all about the tracing functionality!


I knew what the error log was telling me, I just could not find where it was falling over.


I will report the issue to the developer of the library suite I am using.


Thanks again! Problem solved... :classic_cheerleader:

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