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I'm updating my github wrapper of Intel Performance Libraries,


Memory manager super scalar, (they have fixed memory consuption and I will add a thread to release cache every n minutes)

RTL SIMD foundation,

Zlib enhanced


this is one of the best industry proven foundation, game industry and servers deeply use those libs, so Delphi multihreaded apps will get an exceptional performance boost


I need you help.


I have done the DLLs without touch sources, 0 errors, 0 warnings, O2 optimized all.


TBB (memory manager)
IPP (RTL patches)

WebBroker ZLIB (for now only 64bit, I need time to patch 32bit zlib)


Why memory manager with 32bit doesn't work? I get an exception.

Further can you help me with 32bit asm in IPP file for patching 32bit RTL functions?


With 64bit works perfectly up to the stairs.


Thank you!





(BTW consider, having time with one or a pair of volunteers we can pathc a whole of low level string RTL routines with the SIMD intel libs...
also VCL Imaging as JPEG, PNG, Bilinear StretchAPI et.etc.)

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I am really trying hard to like that stuff but you are not making it easy - why always provide precompiled dlls and not the projects and instructions to do so myself?

That would also make it easier to look into issues - there for example seems to be some issue with your libraries, I added D64TBB and D64IPP to my tests project and I get everything from all tests green, over some tests spuriously failing with changing errors to the process just silently dying at some point.

(Spring4D, latest develop, in case you want to look into that yourself) - when the tests succeed btw they take approx 10-20% longer than with default MM/RTL.

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Posted (edited)

I have deleted the repositories because somebody pointed me about problems with intel license IPP and redistributables (seems that intel permits to redistribute for free the complete 30MB of dlls with the compiled exe, but don't cover over custom thiny dll as I used).

btw: with TBBMalloc there are no problems of redistribute

https://github.com/oneapi-src/oneTBB here the sources

and here a delphi wrapper for tbbmalloc


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