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Henry Olive

Getting Label Name from Label.Caption

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Posted (edited)

I have 6 Labels on my form

I need to fill them according to a query result

but i dont know how many data returns ( may be NONE may be 1 may be 6 ( which is MAX)
I wrote below codes

var  MyLabel : TLabel;


  while not Query1.Eof do
    if Query1.Fields[0].AsString <> '' then
      MyLabel.Caption :=Query1.Fields[0].AsString + ' - Responsible :';
      MyLabel.Caption := dm.GetNextDocNo(MyLabel.Name); // i find next label.caption

     // Above dm.GetNextDocNo  function Increases number in a string) which works well

    // for example if MayLabel.Name ='Label1' then this function makes it 'Label2' so on

//     My problem is in below how can i get Label.Name from Label.Caption ?

// so that I can fill other labels ?

      MyLabel := ???

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  • Put the labels in an array, and then access them by index, or
  • Use a single label, and include linebreaks in the caption, or
  • Create the labels dynamically, or
  • Probably some other solutions that I have not thought of.
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Posted (edited)

hi @Henry Olive


you can try this... the order of each label will be used to "not repeat replacement on before-label".

  • my Panel will be used to restrict my container domain search you see?

image.thumb.png.697376c64374535b43dbfbb5ac11864a.png    image.thumb.png.6b38945425f8212132a0b951f68de46a.png

procedure TForm1.btn_Go_Change_Label_CaptionsClick(Sender: TObject);
  lMyArrayRecords: TArray<string>;
  i              : integer;
  // lMyArrayRecords  representing the records returned by your SQL...
  lMyArrayRecords := [                                                                        { }
    'record 1 value', 'record 2 value', 'record 3 value', 'record 4 value', 'record 5 value', { }
  'record 6 value', 'record 7 value', 'record 8 value', 'record 9 value', 'record 10 value'   { }
  for i := low(lMyArrayRecords) to high(lMyArrayRecords) do
    if (i > (Panel1.ControlCount - 1)) then
      break; // get out here...
    if (Panel1.Controls[i] is TLabel) then
        TLabel(Panel1.Controls[i]).Caption := lMyArrayRecords[i];



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