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Diego Simonini

D10.4.2 GX 1.3.17 : error pasting components on FMX projects when another source edit window is opened

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Hello, in FMX projects, when another source edit window is opened (no multimonitor, simply form splitting between form designer and code editor) copy and pasting fmx components on the form causes the textual representation of the comps to be pasted in the source editor.
I've also opened a ticket


thinking that was a Delphi issue.

It seems GExperts causing this behaviour, uninstalling them fixes.

Do you know some trick for making them work in this context?

Gexperts are unvaluable, otherwise I think I'll do without the second edit window ;-)


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Interesting, I can reproduce it. Happens with GExperts installed, doesn't happen without.

I also tried to disable the automatic popup for the Rename Components expert dialog, didn't help. I haven't tried to disable that expert altogether yet.

Please file a bug report on Sourceforge for that.

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Workaround for the moment: Use the context menu entry "Edit -> Paste" of the form designer.

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Posted (edited)

It seems that disabling two editor experts (and restarting the IDE) fixes this problem:

  • Goto Previous Modification
  • Goto Next Modification

No idea yet, what causes it.

Could you please confirm this @Diego Simonini ?


I guess it's the way these experts add themselves to the editor popup menu. This probably makes Ctrl+V always call the editor popup menu's Paste entry (or the associated action) even if the editor window does not have the focus.

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